It’s a well known fact that offering free WiFi is important for customers when they are choosing a location. Most locations make the mistake of making access to the WiFi very difficult. This turns an important customer benefit into a source of customer frustration. The fact is if you don’t offer free WiFi, your competitors will. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually get something in return for it? Our customers tell us that Vizz WiFi has typically reduced their marketing/advertising costs by by as much as 75% by just plugging in our router. You will see immediate results on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page, and you will see the number of your clients growing day by day. With our easy to use management programme you can stay in touch with your customers and create and send vouchers whilst saving a fortune. Also, you don’t have to worry about security anymore. With Vizz Wi-Fi we can set up a secondary secure channel for your internal systems so that you can also limit and control the bandwidth that your clients are using, as well as blocking inappropriate website content with a child safe mode.