CCM Consultancy Clients Application


This is an application for the existing as well as prospective clients of CCM Consultancy. This application will help CCM consultancy to spread their message across the existing clients regarding new trainings and offerings. Best Practices and Tips will also be forwarded to the clients to keep them engaged and updated. This app will also act as a source of feedback from the existing clients. On the other hand this application will educate the prospective clients about the quality-oriented services of this company. The 6 pillars theory will be discussed in detail with the potential clients.

    - Platforms Supported:
    • iOS (8.0)
    • Android (v2.2 and above)
    - Type of Users:
    • Existing Clients
    • Potential Clients
    - Support Panel (Web based only/ Support guys will not be users of the mobile application)
    - User Accounts. (All existing clients will have user accounts of this application)